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Better Backyard BBQ
Joanne Jones
Excellent day

We have just spent an amazing day with Sam and Shauna at their beautiful outdoor kitchen. I couldn’t recommend this experience enough, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn tips and tricks and cook amazing tasty food whilst being guided by the uk’s best outdoor chef.
Thank you ladies for an exceptional day, fabulous food and fantastic company. Highly recommend Jo & rob

Better Backyard BBQ
Helen Johnson
A great day with brilliant food 😀

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our day with Sam & Shauna. They look after you really well, taught us some great techniques and tips and we walked away full of confidence to try some new things. It was so worth it, and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in upping their BBQ game.

Better Backyard BBQ
David Pearce
A beautiful day for a bbq

The amount of knowledge I gained from this session with the delightful Sam and Shauna is incredible! So much to take away, from fuel sources and how to use them, to different types of bbqs, I think there were 8 up and running by the end of the day! The food cooked was incredible, who knew a scotch egg could be made on a bbq? Cooking salmon on Ceder boards was a new one for me and it did not disappoint, neither did the mackerel, but just as important, learning about the accompaniment salads was a highlight. All of this with great company and a beautiful outdoor kitchen garden to spend it in. What a delight it is to sit and eat the course that you’ve just cooked, and chat with others, glass of wine in hand, eager to find out what is next on the menu. I’ll be booking onto this again, one of the best days I’ve had in a long time, thanks Sam and Shauna, I learnt a great amount of bbq knowledge see you soon


My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our BBQ class at Sam and Shauna’s. The food was delicious and we learnt so much during the day. The class was a great size, small enough so everyone could get really involved in the prep and the cooking. I would highly recommend the class, thanks so much Sam and Shauna, we will be back!


What a wonderful experience! From start to finish Sam and Shauna were welcoming, warm and wonderful hosts.
The day was structured beautifully and the small group size gave time for everyone to ask questions and see what was going on. There was a lovely mix of teaching, practical, demonstration and of course tasting!
Needless to say the flavours in the food were exceptional. I really loved the fact that the focus was not only on the meats but also sides, fresh ideas for salads and introducing different flavours through herbs, spices, and butters.
I felt I learnt so much and was comfortable asking any questions that came to mind.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone as something different and fun to do.

Just when you thought you could BBQ pt2

Sure to my technological ignorance sir of my previous review was lost, so bear with me, I'll try and fill the gaps.

You eat what you cook so be careful! 1st course was a BBQ scotch egg (well worth the course on its own) 2nd up was how to prepare and BBQ salmon and mackerel, beautiful and main course was a fab porcetcha (excuse my spelling), a rolled lump of belly pork with herbs, garlic and lovely spicey sausage. Cooked over coals on a rotisserie. Absolutely gorgeous

Just when you thought you knew how to BBQ!

What a fabulous day. I like to think I was the braii king, nah, Sam & Shauna show you exactly how to do it. Great insight into complimenting protein with sides, something I was useless at doing. Fantastic setting well designed for up close and personal learning. Plenty to eat and drink during the day. I was with a lovely like minded bunch and a great day was had by all. I can't recommend this enough.

Thanks both, I will be back!!

Fundamentals of Fire
Tracey Edwards
Wow wow wow - a must for everyone

Spent the day at Sam and Shauna’s house learning the basics of Barbecuing. Now I thought I knew how to bbq but we’ve been doing it wrong for years.
The course is fantastic. They explained the different fuels, controlling temperatures with direct and indirect cooking and how to cook chicken, veg and steak. Sharing recipes with us.
Sam and Shauna are great hosts, making the course fun, relaxing and informative.
Drinks and food are provided throughout the day and the group size was perfect.
I highly recommend this course.

A must for anyone who enjoys BBQ!

Attended this course today by Sam & Shauna, and highly recommend to anyone who enjoys Barbecuing.

We went through the types of fuel, temperature control, direct and indirect cooking, dry rub and marinated, and cooked various parts of chicken to make a lunch, followed by cooking different types of steak for a steak dinner.

The course was very informative, in a relaxed manner and in a small group so you get to ask plenty of questions as well as gets hands on experience. Even with experience working in the food industry, still learnt so much today.

Sam and Shauna were excellent hosts, made you feel very welcome and relaxed in their beautiful outdoor kitchen. Drinks and snacks were provided throughout, and of course you get to eat what you cooked on the day!

Having been a follower of them for many years, it was great to learn directly from them. Will definitely be looking to put what I learnt into practice soon, as well as booking onto the intermediate course!

Fundamentals of Fire
Melanie Constantinou
Fun, Food & Friends!

What a brilliant day spent learning the basics of barbecuing with the perfect hosts! Sam & Shauna provide everything you need to learn the essential “how to’s” of bbq from fuel choices, hot spots, temperature control, flavourings, rubs & marinades. Best of all, once you’ve tried your hand at it all you get to sit in their lovely garden and eat the fruits of your labours! This is a relaxed class that de-mystifies cooking outdoors in an easy and accessible way. Absolutely loved it - highly recommend

Fundamentals of Fire
Edo Velthuis
I thought I knew the fundamentals of BBQ....

We've just got back from this course at Sam and Shauna's beautiful outdoor kitchen. What an awesome experience. So many things learned about BBQ'ing that I thought I knew but quickly realised I didn't. I highly recommend this course for beginners and intermediates alike. The atmosphere was fun and relaxed, the group size just right and the time between learning and eating spot on. And yes, there's plenty to eat and drink!

Better Backyard BBQ
Emma Boulton
Incredible experience!

My husband and I had an incredible day at Sam and Shauna’s learning the fundamentals of BBQ. They were both so warm and welcoming and we were made to feel at home at once. We learnt so much in just a few hours and have come away feeling really inspired. We will be booking another class soon once we have practised our skills from this one!

Thanks Sam and Shauna ☺️