Better Backyard BBQ:
Level up your Outdoor Cooking

At our ‘Better BBQ’ classes you’ll also learn butchery tips, Pro Chef tips, efficient prep skills and show you how you level up your BBQ game overall. You can use a range of different cookers including; kettle style BBQs, ceramic grills, Parilla Grill, Rotisseries, flat plates, hibachi grills and charcoal ovens.

£145 per person
Includes all food and drinks
11am – 4pm

So you’ve already got some BBQ skills, you understand airflow and heatzones. This hands-on intermediate course will teach you how to cook more advanced BBQ dishes; from the Mediterranean to Mexican street food, South East Asia’s classics and Southern US cooking as well as levelling up your overall skills.

Cancellation Policy
Cancel up to 3 weeks before your class and receive a full refund. If you cancel less than 3 weeks before the class, you will be offered other class dates to reschedule.

Skills you will learn:

  • Butchery – breaking down whole rumps and perfecting poultry prep
  • Mise en place: Work like a chef. Better prep, means a better cook
  • Cooking dirty (on coals), smoking, reverse sear, direct and indirect
  • Using fuel: stick burning, wood smoke to more advanced charcoal set ups
  • What to cook slow, what to cook fast

An example of what we will cook:

  • Pork – from perfect Porchetta to brining pork
  • Steaks – Reverse sear, cowboy and vortex cooking
  • Making tacos, from birra to baja
  • Southern Side dishes, a true taste of the deep south
    Plus much more