Fundamentals of Fire:
BBQ Basics

Perfect for anyone looking to learn the basics of fire cooking in a relaxed and welcoming setting with a small class size. This hands-on introductory course will teach you how to achieve consistent results with classic barbecue dishes.

£130 per person
Includes all food and drinks
11am – 4pm

At our ‘BBQ Basics’ class, we will take you through the basics of fire cooking with charcoal and wood, including when and where to add fuel and understanding heat zones. You will experience cooking on various styles and types of BBQ, learning how to maintain consistent temperatures throughout your cook, including the importance of understanding direct and indirect cooking. There will be plenty of food and drinks on offer throughout the duration of the class to enjoy.

Cancellation Policy
Cancel up to 3 weeks before your class and receive a full refund. If you cancel less than 3 weeks before the class, you will be offered other class dates to reschedule.

Skills you will learn:

  • Using wood chunks, chips, lumpwood and briquettes
  • Using a chimney starter
  • Understanding heat zones
  • How a BBQ with a lid opens up a new world of outdoor cooking
  • Using your vents to control consistent airflow and therefore temperatures
  • How to tell when your protein is cooked and understand resting times
  • What to cook slow, what to cook fast
  • Dry rubs and wet marinades and when to use them
  • Saucing and glazing

What we will cook:

  • Poultry – Whole and portions: How to cook each part perfectly
  • Steaks – Thick, thin, cheap, expensive and how to cook them
  • Vegetables, and why they’re brilliant on the BBQ
  • How to make dry rubs, marinades and finishing seasonings
  • Side dishes, crowd pleasers and new favourites